15 May, 2006

Yakata ships

Yakata ships
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These are passenger boat for cruise around Tokyo gulf with lunch or dinner. You can have hot TENPURA that is made on the ship. About 10,000 yen per one are necessary to go on board.

I seem to have been used as transportation to a red light district in the Edo era. They do business as a pleasure boat now.


Ana Oliveira said...

Hi! It´s me again... I would like that you put images and informations of festivals in Tokyo. Specially festivals of spirits. I´ve listen about a doll that we porpose a wish and the hair of the doll grows up and we must put that doll in the waste, and I want to know why.

twinleaves said...

Thanks ana.
As you say, there is a lot of legend that is growing doll's hair. But these are story of occult. Do not try to experiment it. Because you might be satanophany. A doll is cared usually. :-)