26 August, 2008

Tokyo Live Music

miyabean with Chizu Originally uploaded by twinleaves.

I went to an interesting live bar the other day. Originally this bar was an old apartment. A tatami mat is spread in the stage. It is very comfortable for musican and spectators. Because I can lie at full length, I can feel the splendid atmosphere of an old Japanese house.

continental bar Hikoroku

08 October, 2007

An etiquette for praying

well ordered Originally uploaded by twinleaves.

This is a watering place that you will find if you visit shrine in Japan. The water is not for drink. Your hands must be clean before going to sanctuary of shrine. Cleanse first your hands and your mind.

05 March, 2007

Tokyo Street Performers

These movie was captured in Ueno and Okachimachi area. A lot of people were shopping, seeing museum, and performing.

23 February, 2007


Nakamise in Asakusa, originally uploaded by twinleaves.

This is a road to Sensoji that is famous temple in Asakusa. In new year season, everybody visit to wish happy at here. There is a lot of shop in street as Nakamise. You can buy some sweets, accessories and many goods. this area is one of city for sightseeing in Japan.

15 May, 2006

Yakata ships

Yakata ships
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These are passenger boat for cruise around Tokyo gulf with lunch or dinner. You can have hot TENPURA that is made on the ship. About 10,000 yen per one are necessary to go on board.

I seem to have been used as transportation to a red light district in the Edo era. They do business as a pleasure boat now.

13 May, 2006

Ginza street

Ginza street
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This is a main street of Ginza district. In horiday, many people is walking in the HOKOSHATENGOKU as a priority for pedestrian without cars.

Wet Akihabara

The electric city Akihabara was wet. Attention for being electrocuted! :-)

22 April, 2006

Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway

The Metropolitan expressway which aross like a web the center of Tokyo is jammed every day.

A photograph is Tokyo Tower which I see from Route 2 that always through.

14 April, 2006


TOKYO BIG SIGHT -Tokyo International Exhibition Center- We are exhibiting every year at this place. This facilities are located bay area near downtown of Tokyo. About 300 times exhibitions are held every year at this hall. The area is approximately 5 times of a baseball field. Drop in when you trip for trade to Tokyo.

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13 April, 2006

Inari shrine

There is a little shrine called "oinarisan". We can look these shrines in Tokyo and every city of Japan. God of food controlling is dedicated in here. Somebody throws a money offering to the box called "saisenbako". And they worship for their health.

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