22 April, 2006

Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway

The Metropolitan expressway which aross like a web the center of Tokyo is jammed every day.

A photograph is Tokyo Tower which I see from Route 2 that always through.

14 April, 2006


TOKYO BIG SIGHT -Tokyo International Exhibition Center- We are exhibiting every year at this place. This facilities are located bay area near downtown of Tokyo. About 300 times exhibitions are held every year at this hall. The area is approximately 5 times of a baseball field. Drop in when you trip for trade to Tokyo.

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13 April, 2006

Inari shrine

There is a little shrine called "oinarisan". We can look these shrines in Tokyo and every city of Japan. God of food controlling is dedicated in here. Somebody throws a money offering to the box called "saisenbako". And they worship for their health.

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12 April, 2006

Rest of bicycle

You can see these scenes, if you are walking around a big apartment in Tokyo. People uses bicycle for commuting, shopping and any more. As you know, a lot of people crowds on small city. So bicycle is crowded too. Posted by Picasa

10 April, 2006

Favorite florist

There is a florist nearby my home. I bought a bunch of flowers for my wife. So it was a day of wedding anniversary. I've got a lot of flowers, it was reasonable price to order a gift of flowers. I intend to buy those gifts in the shop next time too. Posted by Picasa

09 April, 2006

Traffic safety campaign

This week is in effect for traffic safety campaign. There are many tents in this season at every load side. It is set up by neighborhood associations, but nobody is in the tent. I think the event becomes only out of habit. The tent can't watch any safety incidents. Posted by Picasa

Department store

This is a department store called "Marui". It is well-known as chain store in Japan. The building has been made with city hall of Shinagawa. I have never bought in this store last 5 year, because it is convenient to shop in another store. But the shop is opportunity for buying goods of big-name brands. Posted by Picasa

07 April, 2006

Coin parking

This is a signboard of coin parking at Ohimachi city. There are many parkings in Tokyo, because parking is not possible for narrow road. A price is indicated 100yen/30minutes in daytime, 100yen/60minutes in nighttime. It will be limited that price is 1,400yen in 24hours. Posted by Picasa

06 April, 2006

A massage chair

At last month, I have been to Fukui for business trip. A shot in room of hotel, there was a massage chair. I was relaxed when the machine working about 30 minutes. Posted by Picasa